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This is just a quick About Me, The full blurb will be in links across the page's

Well where does one start?  at the beginning I suppose, I was born in Portsmouth in 1963, I have never left Portsmouth for any real length of time. Until now. I moved to London January 2000 but moved back to Portsmouth after 3 months, then moved down to Plymouth in 2007.  My interests well Computing and the Internet, and of course the IPHONE. I've been on the net on and off now for quite a few years and have seen it grow to what it is today. My music tastes very but I do like trance, dance.

I use to do voluntary work for Gay Men's Health Promotion, which evolves all sort of different work, and was very rewarding. I now work full time as a community support worker and find the work rewarding.

On the subject of friends (where we?) I have some really great friends, Good friends are hard to come by.  I respect my friends, and feel they are an extension of my family. And over the last few years have had allot of support from them. 


I got Married To Denise in 1984 and we have two boys during our marriage,  Ashley and Bradley. Denise and I are now divorced but still in contact


The reason for the separation and divorce was due to me coming to terms with being gay, if you would like to read my coming out story this will give you a more of an Idea what led up to this.  
What surprised me since I came out to Denise and talking and meeting gay people, is the amount of gay married men out there.





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